Tectonics Module

The Getech Globe Tectonics Module underpins our palaeogeographies and provides explorationists with a consistent, technically robust and audited structural and tectonic framework, crustal architecture and Global Plate Model.

The structure and tectonic framework layer is generated from a fresh interpretation of our unique Global Gravity and Magnetic database, along with Landsat imagery, SRTM topography, neotectonics, public domain seismics and geological maps.

structure and tectonics of southeast asia

Structure and tectonics of Southeast Asia.

Key benefits

  • All our interpretations are attributed within the ArcGIS™ layers and this provides a unique searchable database of what we have done and, more importantly, how and why we have done it.
  • The structures are built with an activation history, which allows us to assess the impact of active or dormant features on the palaeoenvironments at any of the mapped Stages.
  • This analysis, combined with more focused modelling, enables us to build a global crustal architecture and plate polygon layer.  This is augmented by our latest work to develop a global depth-to-basement map and the associated crustal thickness calculations.
  • Getech’s Global Plate Model is a unique global plate solution that is the product of years of detailed analysis of the neotectonic and structural kinematic framework, combined with in-house research and development. The solution is not static, but is updated regularly through plate model builds for various Regional Reports.


  • ArcGIS™ version 10.x mxd for each layers.
  • 1:5 million scale wallmap.
  • A report outlining our methodologies.
  • Global Plate Model.

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