Palaeogeography Module

The Getech Globe Palaeogeographic Atlases describe, at every Stage of the Cenozoic, Cretaceous, Jurassic and the Permian–Triassic, areas of sedimentary deposition and erosion (palaeoenvironments), palaeorivers and palaeotopography

We use this unique global data set to provide the boundary conditions for Earth System Modelling and lithofacies prediction. The locations of all data used to build up the knowledge base are provided to allow you to interrogate the integrity of our interpretations and to provide a full audit trail that you can have complete confidence in.

The atlases are based on reconstructions using our own Global Plate Model and they show:

  • Areas of deposition, with lithology and erosion
  • Principal structural elements
  • Palaeotopography
  • Palaeorivers
Albian palaeoenvironments and lithologies

Albian palaeoenvironments and lithologies.

Key benefits

The atlases are set of reference digital maps that act as a framework for the integration of your own data, and can be easily updated.

The maps present:

  • The tectonic and tectonophysiographic controls on sediment distribution
  • The spatial and temporal tectonic framework in which all exploration fits
  • Source to sink relationships that affect source, reservoir and seal deposition, along with composition and extent
  • Possible extension of plays
  • Palaeoenvironmental context of depositional systems


Each atlas consists of:

  • ArcGIS™ version 10.x mxd for each Stage
  • A0 sized wall poster
  • Hardcopy atlases
  • Report outlining our methodologies

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