Earth System Modelling Module

The Getech Globe Earth System Modelling Module is an advanced program deriving its fundamental controls from Globe.

Input into the Earth System Modelling Module is primarily from the Globe palaeogeographic reconstructions (for all Stages of the Cenozoic, Cretaceous and Jurassic) and the digital terrain models associated with these. This represents the culmination of more than 60 man years of effort within Getech, and is the most robust, data controlled and globally complete dataset available.

Maastrichtian surface temperature

Maastrichtian surface temperature for Dec–Jan–Feb season.

Key value points

  • Unlike others, Getech’s Earth System Modelling is not based on creating masks and simply assigning cutoffs; continuous results for the process elements are provided.
  • Production results are generated from Getech’s original climate and ocean results, and calculations (e.g. nutrient flux) are derived from unique, tested empirical equations.
  • It is designed with calibration of the techniques in mind. Sensitivity tests, with different elevation data input or different climate modelling systems, are included to highlight both where the accuracy can be enhanced and whether different models can be of benefit to an overall understanding.
  • The module is built with the user in mind. Getech will provide ArcGIS™ outputs from our processing of the raw data, but will also include these data for users to manipulate themselves as required.

Deliverables formats

  • The Globe Earth System Modelling Module is delivered in ArcGIS™ format. Each layer in the ArcGIS™ mxd exists as a feature class in an accompanying geodatabase or as a shapefile that can be individually manipulated and used by the client.
  • Deliverables are for all stratigraphic Stages of the Cenozoic, Cretaceous and Jurassic.