Globe is our live GIS Earth platform — designed to help our partner clients in their New Ventures and asset-based exploration.

The platform is fuelled by our global gravity and magnetic data, and delivers state of the art palaeogeographic reconstructions, source to sink characterisation, fully-auditable structural solutions and our cutting-edge global plate model. Globe can be used alone or alongside your in-house data, and Getech’s Globe Team are available to help you with each step in the process.

Globe offers companies a source of reliable, easily-accessible technical expertise, and is the foundation of our Regional Reports and all client commissioned work.

Getech-Circle-GlobeGlobe is constantly evolving to provide you with the accuracy to make enlightened decisions.

As a member of Globe you will receive the following core modules:

Key benefits

  • Comprehensive structural dataset with fully-audited sources.
  • World-class tectonic characterisation and plate modelling control from Getech’s global gravity and magnetic database.
  • All stratigraphic Stages from the Permian to the Present Day.
  • Climate and tide modelling integration.

Our expert team

The Globe Team is made up of leading international experts in palaeogeography, drainage analysis, palaeoclimatology and oceanography.

Deliverables formats

  • Globe is delivered in both digital and hardcopy format. The digital versions are delivered as ArcGIS™ projects.
  • Reports and enclosures are delivered in PDF format.

Optional modules

Additional optional modules are also available to Globe members.